Snake catchers dealing with a 'tsunami' of snakes

SNAKE catchers say they are dealing with a "tsunami" of snakes as temperatures soar.

In August when the weather started to warm up snake catcher Dave Wiedman said we were set for the perfect storm of conditions for a slithering invasion this year.

Now, other snake catchers across the state agree, with warnings going out to all Queensland residents to be alert for snakes.

A video was posted on Toowoomba Snake Catchers 24/7 Facebook page on Tuesday showing the removal of a spotted black snake from a garden shed.

It is the second black snake removed and relocated from Linora Dr in one week.

Mr Wiedman said people should remember to always keep their phone on them while out in the garden or the back shed so they could either call a snake catcher quickly or an ambulance if they were unlucky enough to be bitten.



*Dog may collapse then seemingly recover

*Bleeding, usually from the mouth but potentially anywhere



*Inability to walk



*Local pain at site of bite

*Trouble breathing


*Profound weakness


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