Snake warning as weather warms up

A NUMBER of snakes have caused havoc for Whitsunday pet owners with some killing small and medium-sized pets in recent weeks.

The early wet and warm weather has proved to be the perfect conditions for scaly creatures and the torrential rain often flushes snakes out of bushland and forces them onto people's properties.

Whitsunday snake catcher Kylee Gray was called to a Cannonvale house this week when a 3.8 metre scrub python had strangled and crushed a King Charles Cavalier to death.

She also helped some Midge Point residents with a snake that had eaten their cat.

Ms Gray said a lot of people weren't aware snakes could get so big and were capable of killing domesticated animals.

“A lot of people just don't realise that a medium-sized dog can be eaten [by a snake],” she said.

Owners should be wary of signs that their pet may have been bitten by a snake.

Signs to watch out for include seizures, vomiting, bleeding around the bite, weakness in the limbs and inability to move.

Soon after this, the animal will often collapse with severely laboured breathing.

Animals should be taken to the vet immediately if any of these signs are noticed.

If people, animals or the snakes themselves are in danger, contact the snake catcher to make a rescue at the scene on 0424 456 254.

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