'Spiderman' thief to remain in jail until 2018

AN IPSWICH man once dubbed a 'Spiderman' thief and who has been convicted of 228 crimes in his life will remain in jail until January 2018.

It has been eight years since Ipswich-born Joseph Paul Bygrave, 37, broke into a home at Southport and stole $4000 of goods and he was finally sentenced for this crime on Thursday.

Bygrave - who has also previously committed break-ins on the Sunshine Coast - was sentenced in 2009 to eight years jail for a string of charges he committed during a crime spree.

But one offence he committed around the same time was not included in that sentence.

At Brisbane District Court on Thursday, Bygrave pleaded guilty to a burglary he committed in 2008 when he broke into a Gold Coast home and stole a laptop, cash, a bag, a wallet, two cameras and digital memory cards.

Judge Brad Farr said this offence was not dealt with in 2009 because police were unaware of Bygrave's involvement at the time.

Judge Farr said Bygrave had a "disgraceful" criminal history.

But he said if the charge was dealt with at the same time as the others, his sentence would not have changed because it was one offence.

The court heard Bygrave was also sentenced to three years jail in 2010 for other offences.

He was dubbed a 'Spiderman thief' after committing a series of break-ins into high rise apartment buildings.

On Thursday Judge Farr sentenced him to a year's jail concurrent with his present jail term.

"This places you in the same position that you were prior to pleading guilty to this matter," Judge Farr said.

Since being sentenced to eight years jail, Bygrave has been released twice on parole - both occasions in 2014 - but was thrown back behind bars both times after he failed urine tests, which revealed he had taken drugs.

His full time release date is January 2018. - ARM NEWSDESK

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