Brisbane Supreme District Court
Brisbane Supreme District Court Rae Wilson

Stalker was closer than she knew

HE CREPT into her room at night and lay next to her while she slept.

He would flee if she woke to him opening her bedroom door, standing in her room or sitting on her bed.

Scared and seeking solace, she approached her former boyfriend Jonathan Llywelyn Bruce McAlister, 23, for help.

He and the 22-year-old woman met at St Stephen's Presbyterian Church in Ipswich and remained friends after their break-up.

He put a chain lock on her door and had a deadlock installed.

Little did she know, McAlister was the very person she was trying to keep out.

McAlister was sentenced to two years jail when he faced Brisbane District Court on Friday for stalking, computer hacking and attempted arson.

McAlister used combinations of his former girlfriend's favourite words and numbers to break into her Facebook account to check on her.

He said he did this because "he still cares and worries about her."

McAlister used the information to find out her movements and set fire to the Auchenflower home of a man he believed his former girlfriend was seeing.

He poured petrol on the back steps of the home and set it alight in February.

Two days later he threw three Molotov cocktails at the house, but the wind blew out the flame before they could explode.

The people inside the house had to put fires out with a garden house and a bucket of water.

McAlister also let down the car tyres of any males who visited his former girlfriend.

He took photos of her Facebook conversations with other men and saved them in a folder called "cheating".

Defence barrister Paul Smith said his client was struggling to come to terms with the break-up.

He said McAlister started binge drinking to cope with the loss which was probably what led to the offending behaviour.

Mr Smith said the two attempted arson attacks caused little damage, though he conceded that was probably luck.

"There was no intention to hurt, just to scare," he said.

Judge Fleur Kingham said McAlister's "infatuation" showed his immaturity and she hoped he got counselling.

She said the woman must have been frightened and described the "terrorising" of her friends as "serious and alarming".

"She obviously misjudged your character. Not only were you the perpetrator, but you fooled her into thinking she was safe," she said.

Crown prosecutor Jacob Robson said the victims had moved out of their homes and were affected by McAlister's actions

McAlister, who was released immediately on parole because he has already served more than 200 days in custody, has restraining orders against him now.

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