Stepfather found guilty of 159 sexual offences against teen

A WARWICK man who secretly recorded himself raping his teenage stepdaughter during her secondary school years has been found guilty of 159 sexual offences against her.

The man, who cannot be named to protect the identity of his victim, had pleaded not guilty to 193 offences in a judge-only trial in Brisbane District Court.

The girl was aged about 13 to 19 years when the offences occurred between March, 2006, and November, 2011.

Judge Brian Devereaux, who delivered his verdicts on Friday, said because much of the sexual activity was recorded, the trial centred on consent.

He said the girl's mother grew more isolated because of other earlier events, so the stepfather "became the dominant parental figure".

Judge Devereaux said the victim testified she did not consent to the sexual activity and spoke of threats to tell her mother, leave her mother and to reveal the video recordings.

He said he accepted the victim's evidence and found her a compelling witness.

"Underlying all of this, and in my view pervading the entire episode, was the defendant's parental authority," he said.

"It's that in the long-run which persuades me the (victim) probably never consented to any sexual activity.

"She was prepared to make reasonable concessions.

"It seems to me the (victim) gave careful and considered evidence."

Judge Devereaux said he accepted testimony her stepfather got her pregnant and then arranged an abortion at Caboolture while they stayed with his family at Nambour just before she began Year 10.

He said the prosecution case was that the man began indecently dealing with the girl when she was about 14 years old and that quickly progressed to sexual intercourse.

"Sexual activity, including various forms of penetration, continued until about her 19th birthday," he said.

"Much of the sexual activity was video-recorded."

Judge Devereaux said while he believed there was a lack of consent for much of the offending period, there came a point where the prosecution could not exclude the man carried an honest and reasonable but mistaken belief that his stepdaughter was consenting.

"It's because of that I've reached different conclusions about some of the charges," he said.

The man is set to be sentenced on the offences, including 95 counts of rape and 50 sexual assaults, next Friday.


95 x rape

50 x sexual assault

9 x indecently dealing with a child

4 x recording in breach of privacy

1 x maintaining a relationship with a child

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