Debbie and her dog Peggy.
Debbie and her dog Peggy.

Toowoomba woman, pet mauled in vicious dog attack

YOUR STORY: A Toowoomba woman and her pet dog were viciously attacked by a stray dog in East Toowoomba at the weekend.

The attack happened in Ocean St, East Toowoomba.

The stray dog appeared out of nowhere and knocked the woman Debbie and her dog down. 


It started mauling them, prompting Debbie to scream out for help.

She said luckily two ladies came out in time to aid her and Peggy.

The dog has been impounded.

Debbie was rushed to emergency at the Toowoomba Hospital to have her mutilated hands, arms attended to.

Her dog Peggy was taken to a vet where she remained over night.

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The dog has injuries to her back right leg which was broken and bite marks to parts of her body.


Peggy is now home after having an operation and has a splint on her back right leg and a long recovery.

Debbie was diagnosed with breast cancer recently and was scheduled for Surgery today but that will have to be postponed because she has now gained a nasty infection from the vicious attack.

At this stage the owner of the dog has not come forward.

This ordeal has ruined the quality of life for both of them as well as unnecessary financial burdens for Debbie.

Family and friends would like to thank the two kind ladies that came to Debbie and Peggy aid, and Debbie said without them the dog may have died.

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