Students advance in taekwondo

WHITSUNDAY Taekwondo Oh Do Kwan held its third Gup (coloured belt) Grading for the year on Sunday, September 16 at Airlie Beach.
WHITSUNDAY Taekwondo Oh Do Kwan held its third Gup (coloured belt) Grading for the year on Sunday, September 16 at Airlie Beach.


WHITSUNDAY Taekwondo Oh Do Kwan held its third Gup (coloured belt) Grading for the year on Sunday, September 16 at Airlie Beach.

A total of 45 students from both the Proserpine and Airlie Beach Clubs were assessed for their next level including 21 members of the tTigers' aged four to seven.

"The students have all worked extremely hard to get to this stage and there were some notable achievements on the day. Joshua Smith graded directly to Level 4 - Tiger Yellow/White 1, and Lilly Corrie, Sam Cretan and Molly McKinnon were double promoted in their tiger levels," head instructor Vicky Gillam said.

"Honours passes were also awarded to Shannon Elwin, Tenae Stockwell, AJ Shoesmith, Sabella Davies, Tatum Drosd, Zachary Foote, Gareth O'Sheehy, Zali Drosd, Lachlan Collingwood, Darcy Milne, Holly Smith, Ryan McCormack, Meryl Gaba, Sam Rogers, Jack McKinnon, Alex Andersen, Ethan Ventura, Ethan Smith, Imera Friend, Mitchell Telford, Jack Telford, Hunter Williams-Green, Abbie O'Sheehy, Jack Sobott and Brenton Foote."

The students put on a tremendous display of their skills for their families and friends who had come to watch.

The grading was conducted by head instructor and examiner, Vicky Gillam - 4th Dan Black Belt, and assisted by 1st Dan Black Belt Instructors Jim Hodges and Jarrad Arthur.



Tigers - 4-7

Level 9 (Yellow/Black 3) - Darcy Milne and Jack Telford.

Level 8 (Yellow/Black 2) - Hunter Williams-Green.

Level 7 (Yellow/Black 1) - Holly Smith, Sienna Sobott, Ethan Smith and Jack Sobott.

Level 6 (Yellow/White 3) - Ethan Ventura.

Level 5 (Yellow/White 2) - Molly McKinnon, Samuel Cretan [Both Double Promotion], Will Lemmon, Sam Rogers and Katarna Robinson.

Level 4 (Yellow/White 1) - Joshua Smith [Direct Promotion], Brenton Foote and Mitchell Telford.

Level 3 (White 3) - Mylie Robinson, William Ventura and Logan Devery.

Level 2 (White 2) - Lilly Corrie [Double Promotion], James Keam and William Smith.

Level 1 (White 1) - Mayka Hobson.

Juniors - 7-12

4th Gup to 3rd Gup (Red 1) - Gareth O'Sheehy.

5th Gup to 4th Gup (Blue 3) - Zachary Foote and Zayne Taylor-Crane.

6th Gup to 5th Gup (Blue 2) - Aaron Danalake.

7th Gup to 6th Gup (Blue 1) - Ryan McCormack and Sabella Davies.

8th Gup to 7th Gup (Yellow 3) - Shannon Elwin, Tatum Drosd, Zali Drosd, Abbie O'Sheehy, Jaxan Leo and Alex Andersen.

9th Gup to 8th Gup (Yellow 2) - Jack McKinnon and Joshua McKinnon.

10th Gup to 9th Gup (Yellow 1) - Joshua McKinnon, Imera Friend, Meryl Gaba, Jasmin Turner, Sabine Turner and Lachlan Collingwood.

Seniors - 13+

3rd Gup to 2nd Gup (Red 2) - AJ Shoesmith.

4th Gup to 3rd Gup (Red 1) - Tenae Stockwell

Special awards

Senior Belts - Tenae Stockwell

Junior Belts - Shannon Elwin

Tiger White Trophy - Joshua Smith

Tiger Yellow Trophy - Malita Mailman

Tigers, gold - Sam Cretan, silver - Lilly Corrie, bronze - Darcy Milne

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