GLOBETROTTER Shane "Scooter" Christensen is set to thrill fans in Brisbane tonight - he has set Guinness World Records for longest basketball spins on his head and nose.

Stylish Globetrotter can learn from no-frills Aussie Delly

BASKETBALL: Shane "Scooter" Christensen might have all the razzle-dazzle of a 10-year Harlem Globetrotters player.

But he can also relate to the grit and scrappy play fellow guard and Australian Matthew Dellavedova displayed for Cleveland in the recently-completed NBA finals.

Exhaustion effected the overnight NBA sensation in the final two games of the finals as he went quiet, and the Cavaliers lost the series 4-2 to Golden State.

But Christensen was amazed by Dellavedova's "crazy" toughness in keeping the league's MVP and Warriors champion Stephen Curry quiet, with his unrelenting defence earlier in the series, after Cleveland took a 2-1 lead.

Dellavedova was a real rags to riches story this season.

He wasn't expected to be such a prominent figure in the finals, but that all changed for the man who was overlooked in the 2013 NBA draft, after star Cavs guard Kyrie Irving got injured.

Like Dellavedova, Christensen spent time in near NBA obscurity, before the Globetrotters came calling.

Tonight he will amaze a big crowd at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre as part of the Globetrotters' tour Down Under - he has set Guinness World Records for the longest basketball spins on his head and nose.

In his 10 years at the world-famous Globetrotters he has toured 78 countries, including entertaining US troops in Iraq with F16s flying over his head.

But if it wasn't for a chance training session while he was working with the Phoenix Suns, the 36-year-old might never have been able to live out his dream.

Christensen used to be employed at the Suns as an assistant video coordinator and practice player, marking up against two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash.

"One day some Globetrotters scouts came to watch a scrimmage session and they were watching the guy I was guarding," Christensen told APN.

"But on this day I was killing him, so the scouts were like 'who's this guy?'

"I had no intentions to be a Globetrotter, but I was in the right place at the right time."

Christensen has since taken to being an entertainer at the Globetrotters like a duck to water.

He has an impressive singing voice which his teammates love, and he also entertains them with his collection of over 1000 DVDs.

On the court - and even off the court tonight - fans can expect a treat from "Scooter" and his company.

"There's Big Easy who's the team comedian - he'll be mic'd up, and he could leave the game and come sit on your lap while it's still being played," Christensen said.

"Then there's Too Tall, who at five-foot two (158cm) he's the shortest Globetrotter in history.

"We've also got a woman - Sweet J - and she hardly misses a shot.

"We're happy most of the time - we travel a lot but we're like a family away from our families."

Christensen enjoyed an impressive college basketball career.

During his four years as a Montana Grizzly he racked up 431 assists - second all-time at the team.

There were also two Big Sky Conference Championships, and a trip to Sacramento, California, to play the Oregon Ducks in the 2002 NCAA tournament.

"To make it that far, where big college teams like Duke and North Carolina usually play, was unbelievable," Christensen said.

"I remember I dribbled the ball across the half-court, looked up at the big crowd and I had to take a deep breath it was so surreal."

While Christensen will have the Brisbane crowd in the palm of his record-breaking hand tonight, he said basketball's best players could all learn a thing off Dellavedova - the no-fuss overnight star from country Victoria.

"I love watching him play - he puts his body on the line every night, and guys can learn off him," Christensen said.

"His willingness to put his body on the line was crazy - he just doesn't care.

"Cavaliers stars like JR Smith and James Jones could benefit by having what Delly has."

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