Suburb shaping up as Ipswich's fast food capital

ONE of Ipswich's fastest growing suburbs is fast becoming a hot contender for the title of the city's fast food capital.

One of the nation's largest Red Rooster stores opened in Augustine Heights earlier this month and as well as bulk chicken and chips, the new business also offers jobs on the menu.

Up to 40 positions need to be filled in store but that number could increase when the delivery service is introduced in the new year.

The new Red Rooster store joins McDonalds which opened earlier this year but Zaraffas and Guzman Y Gomez will also join the Augustine Heights fast food family before the year is out.

The new development will be home to the fifth Red Rooster store in Ipswich, the fourth Zaraffas and only the second Guzman Y Gomez outlet.

Close to 5000 people live in Augustine Heights, up from 1900 five years ago.

More than 120 jobs have already been created across the two open stores since construction started in April.

The suburb has some hot competition for the title of fast food capital with Carl's Jr Burger making their debut in Redbank Plains and West Ipswich in the coming months and Krispy Kreme's bold entrance into the market before Christmas.

Springfield Land Corporation Commercial development director Naren Sinnathamby previously said the restaurants were a good fit for the area and that residents could expect further exciting developments to come.

"We always go to the market with a particular target and these were the retailers who embraced the opportunity," Mr Sinnathamby said.

"Every part of Greater Springfield has to have complimentary uses, so that particular area is more suitable for people who want to drive in and out, like a drive-thru precinct, as opposed to somewhere where people want to sit down and eat.

"There is going to be a lot more development in that area, not necessarily food, but things that will bring a lot more jobs to the region."

"We're in the very intense planning stages of the developments, so we will be making some announcements soon."

McDonalds and Guzman Y Gomez is on Gateway Drive, Augustine Heights, off Augusta Parkway.

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