Surprising trend emerging in Whitsunday property market

A SURPRISING trend has emerged in the Whitsunday property market which real estate insiders say could bring more people to the region and more money to the local economy.

Principal of Ray White Whitsunday Mark Beale said his real estate agency had seen a significant increase in the number of families employed in the mining industry taking up residence in the Whitsundays.

It’s a trend he welcomed, saying the flow-on effects in the community would be “significant” at a time when the region needed as much money injected into the economy as possible.

“It’s a combination of things bringing people here,” he said.

Large dump truck and small light vehicle.
Large dump truck and small light vehicle.

“Many people don’t want to live in a mining community. They want greater facilities, more options for their family – but they also want to be away from the bigger communities like Mackay – so they turn to the Whitsundays.

“It’s the flow-on effects of the people working in the mining community which is so important to the region right now.

“With higher pay packets they can have cars and boats that need to be serviced, potentially spend at restaurants, or just buy bait to fish with.

“From an investment perspective it also means less empty houses and more money being injected into the region.”

Ray White Whitsunday sales associate and finance broker, Brett Dwyer, said the increase of miners coming to the region was based on a number of factors.

Ray White Whitsunday
Ray White Whitsunday

He expected to see interest in the region continue as more mining projects, such as the Adani Carmichael Mine, ramped up.

“With the travel restrictions, especially on flying, there’s becoming less options for people to get out to these mines. People are turning from fly in fly out to drive in drive out,” he said.

“But they still want a lifestyle, they don’t want to be near a mine, so they look to the Whitsundays as the perfect destination to set up.”

Mr Dwyer said the impact of the mining community was immediately obvious in the 27-lot Hidden Valley estate development he was involved in.

He said 90 per cent of the pre-sale lots located between Cannonvale and Proserpine had been sold to families with links to the mining industry.

Realtor Opening Door at an Open House
Realtor Opening Door at an Open House

“These lots are bigger, they’re more isolated from everything and that’s the lifestyle those families want,” he said.

“We’ve seen it a lot where a wife might be happy to live in Moranbah until there’s a kid involved. That’s the moment they start thinking about where they want to put their roots down.

“It will never replace tourism, but these people will bring much needed expenditure to the Whitsundays in the meantime.”

Operations manager of Exact Civil Construction and Blackwater Quarry, Brett Evans, said he had seen many people move to the Whitsundays as flights became more difficult to manage.

He said his business, which is currently contracted to help build Adani’s Carmichael Mine railway line, was expected to employ another 60 to 75 people, with many expressing interest to move to the Whitsundays.

“The flights have played such a large part in people’s movements and I’ve already seen many people move to the area,” he said.

“People want more space, they want more privacy and they want to be near the water and beach.

“The great thing is we’re not slowing down in contrast to other industries and, in fact, April was our biggest month in 10 years.

“That’s so encouraging for the Whitsundays as it means these people will spend and help prop up the community.”

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