Commonwealth Games chairman Peter Beattie and Mayor Tom Tate are at war after a scathing attack today.
Commonwealth Games chairman Peter Beattie and Mayor Tom Tate are at war after a scathing attack today.

Tate v Beattie: Row erupts over Commonwealth Games tickets

THE two men tasked with ensuring the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games are a success are in open warfare.

Mayor Tom Tate today branded Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Organising Committee (GOLDOC) chairman Peter Beattie a media "tart", said he was past his "political used by date" and said the man should "shut your mouth".


The war of words comes after a council decision to gift hundreds of specially reserved Games tickets to councillors, prompting criticism from Beattie who labelled it "totally unacceptable".

In a press conference today, Mayor Tom Tate unleashed on Peter Beattie.

"If you're chairman of GOLDOC, you concentrate on delivering the best Games possible ... and to mingle within the council and try to reprimand councillors that's beyond his brief," Tate said.

"Apart from that, he's beyond his political used by date and I would say to him 'mate you've got a great job to do, deliver it and shut your mouth about politics. Move on'.

"The tart is overcooked, the used by date is done. Chuck the tart out and just behave and deliver the best games you can because if you don't, I'll be asking the Premier let's get a new tart."

Mayor Tate said council only dished out tickets to staff to allocate to potential investors to advance the city's interests.

He promised to review the decision and hand as many as half the tickets purchased by council back to GOLDOC.

"There are companies that are willing to come to the Gold Coast at Commonwealth Games time and the enticing part is that we will be inviting them and afford them these tickets so that they will look at our city and potentially have investment here," he said.

"Multiply that as the baton goes around the world to Delhi, to Singapore, to Malaysia but on top of that, there are trade and investment opportunities.


"These tickets are leverage for future investment in our city but ... if there are people who are just in the position they are getting free tickets and there's no return for our city I would be saying no to those ones.

"Unless it adds value to our city, I would be returning those tickets."

The Gold Coast Bulletin has reached out to Mr Beattie for comment.

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