Teacher barred for sex with student


A SCHOOL drama teacher who had sex with a Year 12 student during a play production and exposed her to violent pornography has been barred from teaching for eight years.

The teacher had "rough sex'' with the girl soon after she left school, despite her crying, leaving her with physical injuries, a tribunal heard.

The ex-student complained to police last year about her film and television teacher's mistreatment of her 10 years earlier, when she was a vulnerable 17-year-old and he was 37.

Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal heard the young woman self-harmed after the teacher had sex with her during production of a school play.

He was the director and she had the lead part in the play.

The teacher used force on her during sex on at least three occasions, the tribunal heard.

The teacher began the inappropriate relationship by kissing the girl, while driving her home late at night, after play rehearsals.

After it was reported to the school, the teacher and student denied it, but the girl later felt isolated by her peers and teachers and began to self-harm and stay away from school.

During a play production in 2008, the teacher pushed the girl up against a wall and kissed her on the mouth and drove her to a carpark, where he involved her in oral sex.

The teacher had sex with the girl on at least four occasions while she was still a student and on at least five occasions over six months after she graduated, the tribunal heard.

He used sadomasochistic sex aids on her on one occasion and sent her sexually violent, abusive, degrading pornography.

The ex-student told of suffering a nervous breakdown in 2015 and she told a psychiatrist she had never consented to or liked the rough sex or violent pornography.

"The student admired and respected (the teacher),'' tribunal member David Paratz said.

"He exploited and misused the trust she placed in him, along with the trust of the whole community.

"(The teacher) manipulated the student, knowing her desire to know about the field of work of acting and having reference to his past acting experience and training.''

The teacher played on the girl's youth, family circumstances, lack of life experience and vulnerability, the member said.

He caused the former student psychological and physical harm, leaving her with emotional stress and anxiety and affecting her perception of romantic and sexual relationships.

On July 2, the tribunal ordered the man be prohibited from reapplying for teacher registration for eight years. He had been deregistered since January 2017.

If he reapplies he must provide a psychological report showing his understanding of appropriate behaviour and details of his mental health.

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