Teen told to control drinking, apologise to mum

A TEENAGER was given a stern warning in Warwick Magistrates Court after contravening a domestic violence order against his mother.

The man pleaded guilty to the charge, after he got in to a late night verbal fight with his mother and hit a hole the in the wall of their family home.

The man told the court since the incident on June 11, he planned on moving to Brisbane to live with his grandparents.

Magistrate Anne Thacker was quick to ask the man if he would pay for the damage to his family home.

"Did he pay for the damage or fix it," Ms Thacker asked duty lawyer Bonnie O'Brien.

The man replied: "Eventually I will."

Magistrate Thacker asked if the young man wanted help with his "alcohol problem".

"I'd love to do something about it," the man replied.

Magistrate Thacker said the young man needed to seek help not only for drinking, but for anger.

"You're not managing yourself when you get frustrated and angry," she said.

"And you're not managing when you're drinking.

"That's two reasons to renovate your lifestyle."

Magistrate Thacker warned the man to accept his family was not going to change, and to try and form a good relationship with his brother and mother.

"He's going to be your brother, and your mother is going to be your mother for the rest of your life," she said. "You've got to stick at it until you beat it."

The man was sentenced to nine months probation.

Magistrate Thacker recommended he take an extra step in his road to recovery.

"I'm not making it part of the order than you apologise to your mother, but I highly recommend it," she said.

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