Accused one-punch killer granted bail

THE accused killer of Maclean man Trevor Duroux has been granted bail in the Supreme Court in Brisbane.

Mr Duroux, a 40-year-old father of six died after he was allegedly punched in the back of the head on Marine Pde in Coolangatta about 2am on December 4 last year.

Trevor Duroux
Trevor Duroux Facebook

He was resuscitated after going into major cardiac arrest and was transported to Gold Coast University Hospital in a critical condition, where he remained for 10 days before family made the decision to turn his life support off.

The man accused of throwing the fatal punch, Tristan Mataora Heather, 18, was granted bail on Friday.

Justice John Bond said Heather should be released because of his age and that he was not an "unacceptable risk" of fleeing or reoffending.

Heather turned 18 just four days before the incident involving Mr Duroux.

The website reported Crown Prosecutor Sam Bain told the court Heather was recorded on closed-circuit TV cameras at the Coolangatta Hotel punching the air before directing "what is described as this almighty blow" to the back of Duroux's head.

The court was told that the single punch caused Duroux to collapse and smash his head on the road.

The website reported Heather conceded he was drunk at the time and he intends to rely on the defence that he "acted in good faith" and only struck Duroux when coming to the aid of his workmate who appeared to be in danger in a "pushing and shoving" match with Duroux.

Heather has had to surrender his passport and agreed to abstain from drinking alcohol and from visiting pubs or clubs.

He also agreed to be breath-tested by police and must report to police three times a week.

Family and supporters of Mr Duroux were in court wearing white t-shirts featuring his picture and the words "Stop the coward punch" and "Enough is enough".

The supporters said they had been told to expect Heather to be granted bail "but we thought we'd have a bit of faith in the justice system".

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