Cotton On Skinny Cateye, $15,
Cotton On Skinny Cateye, $15,

The eyes have it when you want to make a statement

Sun, sand, heat and humidity. Summer is here and the weather isn't exactly ideal for layering on accessories. But there's still a way to add personality to your outfit when all you want to wear is loosey goosey garments - a pair of statement sunglasses.

This season's hottest shades are cat eye designs with small frames, part of the global '90s fashion revival.

Local Supply founder Sean Satha says cat eye sunglasses have a longer history than the grunge era, with the sleek style often associated with trailblazing fashion stars.

"Cat eye sunglasses first became popular in the '50s, worn by the likes of screen icons Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly,” Sean says.

"Recently, these have been picked up by Gigi Hadid and Selena Gomez, bringing them back into the cultural zeitgeist.

"They're such a fun, feminine style that can make you instantly feel polished and put together.”

Sean says a pair of edgy specs is a simple, cost-effective way to create a unique look - great for dabbling in a new trend you're unsure of, and nowhere near as expensive as purchasing a whole outfit.

Plus, you'll feel better knowing you're protecting one of your most valuable organs from harmful radiation.

"Accessories are the best way to try something different and explore fun new looks,” Sean says.

"Cat eye frames can really be mixed up with any outfit combination. They're always an easy way to lift, add polish and update any outfit.

"Eyewear is a smaller investment than apparel and our Local Supply designs are well made for fit and comfort.”

When choosing a pair of sunglasses, Sean says to think opposites - round faces look best with rectangular styles, angular faces look best with rounded styles.

While the signature of the cat eye frame is the pointed outer edge, the frames and lenses can come in trapezoid, oval and semi-circle styles, meaning there's a shape out there for everyone.

"We really recommend balancing your face shape with your frame shape,” Sean says.

"For instance if you have a round face, more angular or square sunglasses are the best fit.

"And if you have a more angular face we've found curved styles look best.

"For faces that are fuller at the top and narrower at the bottom, try a lighter frame.

"For faces that have a narrower forehead and gradually become fuller at the cheeks and chin, try a top-heavy frame.”

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