DELICATE CHOICES: Mia Morrison from Australian Perfume Addicts sprays lingerie.
DELICATE CHOICES: Mia Morrison from Australian Perfume Addicts sprays lingerie. Rob Williams

The right fragrance for you

WITH the annual perfume sales globally set at $27.5 billion, it begins to give some perspective to just how massive this industry is, and the value we place on fragrances.

A perfume can be a truly beautiful thing, something that Mia Morrison has discovered as she experienced fragrances in Europe and has now established her own business in Australia to ensure we get to enjoy an exciting range.

Australian Perfume Addicts is the only authorised, genuine retailer in Australia to sell the popular French niche brand, Etat Libre d'Orange.

"Etat Libre d'Orange is such a beautiful, luxurious perfume brand, but also very risque with the images and scents it uses. I have introduced the traditional and popular method of spraying the scent onto fabric," owner and manager Ms Morrison said.

"The European experience is on lingerie.

"Customers who prefer the traditional method of spraying the perfume tester on their skin or on a perfume blotter are welcome to do that."

Ms Morrison said that the industry had expanded dramatically over the past few decades.

"We literally have millions of perfumes on the market with thousands launched each year. Go back 50 years and it was more like one a year. Celebrity fragrances are very popular and people do follow their favourite stars so it has given even more attention to fragrances," she said.

Recognising a gap in the market, where there is no online service that caters for high-end brands and has the personal touch, Ms Morrison gave up a successful human resources career in London's finance and banking industry to set up a perfume business, which identifies the perfect perfume for both men and women.

"After years of networking with key people in the perfume industry in London and Europe, I decided to bring my perfume knowledge and connections to the Australian market and to be closer to my family, which brought me to Ipswich," she said.

Australian Perfume Addicts was launched in December as an online business and has gained a great deal of attention across Australia.

"I want to concentrate on high-end luxury perfumes, I have a lot of interest from overseas, but I cannot sell outside Australia."

She established a boutique just last week, working with A Floral Fantasy, 32 Warwick Rd, Ipswich.

"It's a cute little corner in the store and from this I hope to grow the business and the niche brands we have on offer.

"It is great to have a start out locally and in a friendly florist as it is a perfect match for perfumes."

Ms Morrison has designed a program that has not gone live yet, to allow for clients to find the perfect fragrance match.

"I am sponsored by, the world's largest online review site for perfumes."

To identify the correct perfume it is important to understand the person, anything from what they eat, skin colour, lifestyle and a range of other factors.

"My Perfume Profiling service finds the perfect perfume for my clients," she said.

"There is nothing like this available. It has taken years of research, investigation and examination of the industry to find the method which helps people find their perfect fragrance."

Once a client has gone through the perfume profiling they are give a recommendation of five perfumes by Ms Morrison.

They are given a print-out of the findings and they can explore the range that she has in store or online.

There is a great deal to perfumes. For example, they are described in musical terms, including the top note, which is upon application. This is the immediate aroma and the area that perfume houses spend large dollars on.

After that there is the middle note, the warmer, lasting fragrance, usually for around two hours. The bass note is the woody and lasting fragrance usually lasting around eight hours.

"I can assist both females and males to source the right fragrance for them," she said.

"Fragrances can change people's mood, confidence and it can make them feel sexy."

Australian Perfume Addicts invites you to an exclusive perfume evening in Ipswich on June 20. There are limited seats. There is a charge, but it can be offset against purchases. Details and registration at

For details on perfumes, booking a Perfume Profiling Session, or regular perfume events, email or phone 0424 424 737.

You can call in to see her on Saturdays or by appointment any other time. Online at and also on Facebook.

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