Marion Leapai at Dreamworld.
Marion Leapai at Dreamworld.

Theresa Leapai can't watch hubby Alex fight

THERESA Leapai won't watch when her husband Alex fights potential Hall of Famer Wladimir Klitschko in Germany in April not because she doubt's he will win the world title but because she doesn't like seeing him hurt.

She was in his corner today wearing a bright red t-shirt proclaiming: "I only know knockouts! Lionheart".

"I can't watch him fight, I don't know, it makes me sick inside watching my hubby fight, it's not easy," she said as the Leapai family gathered for a day out at the Dreamworld theme park on Wednesday.

"For me I just don't like seeing him getting hurt, not because I think he is going to lose because I have faith in him and he will bring the title back to Australia.

"It's just heartbreaking to see your own hubby fighting and getting smashed in the face.

"I know he is a tough bloke with the heart of lion.

Theresa was eight months pregnant expecting the fourth of their six children, Alex jnr, when Leapai was sentenced to six month's jail after being found guilty of bashing two nightclub bouncers.

"I was pregnant with our fourth child when he went into prison and it was hard," she admitted with her husband standing by her side.

"But how can you walk away from this bloke?

"I couldn't walk away. Someone else might have. I had three kids plus I was carrying one and it was really hard but I had family support.

"I knew Alex was tough inside and that he would be alright."

Leapai, who remembers the day as the worst of his life, is prepared for a world of pain in Oberhausen, Germany on April 26 when he will be the first Australian in more than a century to fight for a world heavyweight title.

"I've had a lot of downfalls in life. I'm just a normal bloke in life trying to do something good for my kids.

"If I can change and do this, I'm pretty sure kids who are going through the same things as I did can change as well."

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