$13K in three days for grieving family after work accident

THEY were meant to be celebrating their 14th wedding anniversary, but instead, on Wednesday, Shannon McClure was grieving the sudden death of her husband.

Trev, a father to their three daughters, was tragically killed in a work accident in Monto on Sunday.

FAMILY MAN: Trevor McClure with his wife Shannon.
FAMILY MAN: Trevor McClure with his wife Shannon. Contributed

"I have woken the last two mornings in the dark at your usual work time, even though you used to tease me for sleeping through your alarm before," Shannon wrote on her Facebook page.

"You are here still.

"You are everywhere I look, from your half bottle of rum on the bench, esky on the back steps, shed chock full of work gear, to your beautiful flower garden up the back..."

FAMILY MAN: Trevor McClure pictured with his family.
FAMILY MAN: Trevor McClure pictured with his family. Contributed


And while their home must seem empty, it's been filled with other love and incredible generosity from the Boyne Valley community. As word spread among his friends in the region, more than 100 people opened their hearts and wallets to raise $13,000 in three days for the family.

Shannon and Trev moved to Builyan nine years ago with their three daughters, now aged between 8 and 12.

The 43-year-old man was an experienced timber cutter, and worked regularly in the Monto area.

The couple had an arrangement that if Trev ever worked past 5.30pm, he would message Shannon to let her know he would be late.

But on Sunday, that message never came.

By 7pm an extensive search and rescue operation began. A Monto police constable said his body was found near Hurdle Gully Rd.

Initial reports were that he had been struck by a tree.

Shannon says though, if anything, this loss has highlighted how giving and loyal their Boyne Valley friends are.

She calls most of them family.

"I don't know how to put it into words how supportive and amazing everybody is.

"From the bottom of my heart I'm so thankful," she said. Shannon's sister Chloe said Trev was a real family man. "Shannon told me that they had a really great day together on Saturday.

"He made a bonfire for the girls in their yard and then they all went up to the pub for a dinner.

"She said he seemed to just be happy and at peace," she said.

It's no doubt Trev will leave a hole in the Boyne Valley community.

Every day since Sunday Trev's mates have dropped by, visiting with homemade food, and offering their company, Shannon's sister, Chloe Seckington said.

"One of his mates came and took the girls yesterday to the Queensland Fan Day, just to get them out of the house.

"Trev's a huge footy fan so they took a Queensland jersey, stubby cooler and hat to be signed," she said.

If you'd like to donate visit gofundme.com/293dcks.

Those who have donated so far:

Sheridan Harmond, Monica Ibbetson, Ainslee Sassy-Maxim, Karina and Adam McKenzie, Burke and Kyme McLachlan, Don and Robyn Fechner, Leon Stensholm, Alarna McQuilty, Sean/Alarna Lennon, Skyann Peter, Grem Walton, Stevie Loom, Aj and Vanessa Johnson, Mark and Kathy McLachlan, Meagan, Ronald and girls 'Lazarus family', Manttan Family, Mel, Jon, Aimee, Matt, Cam Brown, Scott Pershouse, Sharon Petty, Marissa Farlow, Kaylee Fechner, Jodi Doherty, Sonny Coogan, Liz Gruver Pretlove Groves, Rossco and Karol Jacobi, Sharni Lowrie, Carrie Wyatt, Gordon and Bev Otto, Kathy Du Moulin, Karen Everitt, Michael Leahy, Troy and Jacki Hudson, Paul, Cindy, Brian and Joyce Pownall, Kaye Pownall, Ben and Kylie Dye and O'Sullivan, Manley family, Tanya Booth, Crystal Harvey, Phill and Kate Handley, Jess Maher, Bruce and Anne Walker, Daniel Michelle and Jai Pemen-Patterson, Tanya and Kevin Smalley, Ally Malone, Ehret family, Fleming family, Matt Lucy, Bronwyn Zimpel, Vicki Taylor, Rebecca Smith, Benetta Atkinson, Richard Tan, Rhiannon Williams, Jo Brooks, Brodie Kettle, Rodney and Jill Hopson, Claire Anderson, Joyce McClure, Ray and Karen Dorries and family, Hampo, Peter and Danielle Sinclair, Lyndon and Kayla Smith, Mark Creevey, Chris and Tove Squire, Wayne and Kim Lester, Peter and Lisa Catlin, Wayne Barker, Barry Lennon, Joe Cross, Greg and Connie Leighton, Amanda Bonham, Brad and Tam Scorgie, Kym and Phil Randall, Cam and Rach Zieth, Susie and Ross Hryniuk, Angela Smith, Luke Godbee, Kaiden Carter, Chris Taylor, Michelle Williams, Linda Condoleon, Charlene Hampson, GK Pailthorpe, Katherine Nott, Ben Williams, Angela Larose, Sharon and Wally Collins, Leigh Tompson, Alysse Lynham, Karlie Laine, Darren and Renee Keitley, Rebekah Anderson, Toni-Anne Ward, Airlink Transfers, Laura and Thai, Lauren Donald, Michelle Byers, Lisa Sclater, Jen Ryman, Nicki Liddle, Shannon Robertson, Benita Purdie.

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