Thomo's SOS for oceans

IAN Thomson is relieved to be back in Airlie after returning from his six-week voyage around Australia last Wednesday.

Since arriving to his familiar shores, Thomson has enjoyed his return to his normal life with “fresh food, a shower, a toilet that doesn't move and cold milk.”

Although Thomson was unsuccessful in his attempt to break the World Sailing Speed World Record Council's, non-stop and unassisted circumnavigation of Australia, the solo sailor is satisfied with his efforts.

“I'm just the fastest solo sailor to travel around Australia by 26 days,” he said.

“I'm content with having that.

“People asked me ‘how come you didn't keep going with your charts?

“I'm a commercial skipper and at the end of the day the real reason I pulled in was because my license was at stake.

“So for the words, non-stop and unassisted, it just wasn't worth the risk of my career.”

Now back on land, Thomson is preparing to launch the next stage of his Save Our Seas (SOS) campaign.

“My next step is to set up the Save Our Seas foundation which will be a non-profit organisation that will continue to raise funds and awareness on the issue of plastic bags,” he said.

“But not just plastic bags, plastic in general.

“It's all about the three A's – awareness, alternatives and action.”

Thomson plans on addressing the issue by holding discussions with local businesses to encourage them to use alternatives.

“If they can't or if they won't, I'll ask them to encourage anyone that takes a plastic bag to donate 10 cents to go towards our cause.

“So it's kind of like a plastic bag tax in a way.”

Along with this, Thomson will use his experience of his recent world-record attempt to write a book and produce a DVD entitled Dare to Dream that will encourage people to chase their own dreams.

On the sailing front, Thomson is hoping to set up a youth program at the Whitsunday Sailing Club before he plans to sail around Australia once again in May next year.

“I want to do the same campaign again but this time fully crewed.”

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