GOLD Coast Mayor Tom Tate has launched an extraordinary attack on Commonwealth Games chairman Peter Beattie as the council free tickets row continues.

After The Sunday Mail revealed that Council CEO Dale Dickson had ordered hundreds of Games tickets for councillors - at ratepayers' expense, Mr Beattie scolded council and petty politics for dragging the blockbuster event in to a scandal.

However, speaking to the media on Wednesday morning, a fired-up Councillor Tate, who has ordered an urgent audit of the CEO's ticket gaffe, said Mr Beattie should butt out of council business.

"If you are chairman of GOLDOC you concentrate on delivering the best Games possible," he said.

"To try to reprimand councillors, that is beyond his brief, and it is beyond his political use by date.

"I would say to him, mate you've got a great job to do, deliver it and shut your mouth about politics."

He took exception to comments from Mr Beattie that the leaking of the scandal was an 'act of bastardy' damaging to the city's reputation.

"You know what's damaged is the chairman of GOLDOC vying in and talking about bastardry," he said.

"That's the damage. It's unheard of.

Former Queensland Premier Peter Beattie.
Former Queensland Premier Peter Beattie.

"This is the third chairman of GOLDOC I have worked with, I have worked with three ministers. One stands out as a media tart. Well mate, the tart is overcooked, use by date is done.

"Chuck the tart out and just behave and deliver the best Games you can.

"If you don't, I'll be asking the Premier, let's get a new tart."

However, Councillor Tate dismissed suggestion his relationship with the chairman was beyond repair.

"No of course not. I move on. Everything I do and talk, I wear my heart on my sleeve," he said.

"(But) when an issue is done, I move on, as long as they move on."

Councillor Tate had already said any councillor or council staffer requesting any of the 1800 tickets paid for by ratepayers would need a compelling reason or else the tickets would be returned to GOLDOC with a request for a refund.

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