Teen's aorta ripped in half in motorbike crash

Toowoomba teen Jacob Tuesley.
Toowoomba teen Jacob Tuesley. Photo Contributed

TOOWOOMBA mum Denise Tuesley has described the horrendous moment when she received a phone call advising that her son Jacob had been critically injured in a motorcycle crash.

The crash came terrifyingly close to ending the 18-year-old's life, just three weeks after he earned his motorcycle licence.

Mrs Tuesley was at work on Monday morning when she was called about Jacob's crash on Ocean St in Rangeville.

As she understands it, Jacob went over the handlebars of his motorcycle while trying to avoid a collision with a car.

The bike stopped in time but Jacob did not.

He was taken to Toowoomba Hospital before being airlifted to the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane.

His extensive injuries included breaking all of the ribs on the right side of his chest, a broken right shoulder and wrist as well as a collapsed lung.

The most serious injury was discovered about four hours after the crash.

Jacob's aorta had been torn and he was bleeding internally.

"The doctor said most people would not have even made it to hospital, so he is a very, very lucky boy," Mrs Tuesley said.

"They have been able to put a stent in it."

Mrs Tuesley said seeing her son improve from a critical condition to a serious condition on Tuesday night was a big relief.

The period before that was a nightmare.

"It was just devastating and heart wrenching.

"When we came to Brisbane, it was straight into surgery.

"Thankfully, my family was all around me.

"I was just crying all of the time."

She said she had always objected to Jacob and his older brothers Ben and Brock riding motorcycles.

"There will be no more riding motorbikes for any of my sons.

"I don't think any of them will want to.

"It has been very devastating for all of them."

She said Jacob faced a lengthy recovery, for which she intended to remain by his side.

He yesterday was being treated in the hospital's intensive care unit.

Breathing tubes stopped him from talking but he was conscious and communicating on a whiteboard.

Support from friends and family as well the professionalism of emergency services and hospital staff have helped the Tuesley's through the difficult time.

"It has been great.

"I couldn't have managed without it."

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