GENEROUS truckies have given up their time to be a part of a great cause - delivering hay to farmers in need in central Queensland.

Organised by Brendan Farrell, who according to Facebook friends should be nominated for Aussie of the year, the Burrumbuttock Hay Runners convoy to drought-affected Qld is a lifeline for the bush.

Fittingly the theme of the hay run was Australian, Aussie flags, boxing kangaroos and Aussies.

Drivers came from all around the country to deliver more than 5000 donated bales of hay.

There were 124 trucks on the run that started at Darlington Point in NSW on January 7. Five more met up with the convoy of 119 at Cunnamulla to deliver hay some 1820km to Ilfracombe in Queensland.


This is Brendan's tenth Burrumbuttock Hay Run in two years.

He told Sunrise the truckies felt like rock stars as people lined the streets waving and cheering as the convoy that spread out to about 66km drove past.

His small dream to take hay to one farmer has led to this huge convoy that will help Queensland, 86% of which is still drought declared.

GENEROUS: Paul Gleich from Murgon joined the convoy.
GENEROUS: Paul Gleich from Murgon joined the convoy.

Brendan said it was the smiles on young kids' faces that made it worthwhile.

"It's mind-boggling to see the incredible generosity of local communities and truck drivers who've donated time and money to support this initiative," he said.

He also said it was emotional to everyone waving and cheering.

Freightliner Racing transporter driver Paul Stax Eddy joined the convoy, swapping his regular load of two V8 Supercars and race equipment for 32 bales of donated hay.

"The farmers are really doing it tough up there," Paul said.

"They have had no rain for so long that they could really do with a little help."

The run will break the world record for convoys by stretching to

some 66km long if the trucks are spaced 500m apart.

And will help 265 drought-stricken farmers along the way.

Mr Farrell stressed that farmers were still doing it tough and needed all the help they could get.

He thanked everyone who chipped in for fuel.

Those interested in donating to help cover the hefty fuel bill, some $2000 per truck, can still visit the Burrumbuttock Hay Runners page on Facebook for details.

Aussies helped Dollar for Drought raise $81,000 and Caltex put in $10,000 of fuel, joining donations from other businesses.

Convoy facts

The convoy stretched out to 66km.

It delivered more than 5000 bales of hay to 265 properties.

The convoy travelled 1820km.

124 trucks took part, towing at least one trailer each, some up to four.

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