FAMILY TRIBUTES: Son Ron had everyone gathered seeing the lighter side.
FAMILY TRIBUTES: Son Ron had everyone gathered seeing the lighter side. Mike Richards GLA160817CREED

VIDEO: Tributes flow for Raglan legend Leonie Creed

TRIBUTES flowed yesterday morning for a very special member of the community, Leonie Creed, who passed away last Friday aged 73.

People gathered at the Old Station to honour her memory.

Leonie Dunning was born on August 16 in 1943.

Yesterday was to have been her birthday. She was the eldest daughter of Ford and Ninette Dunning and is survived by brother Allan and sisters Lynne and Sharyn.

In her early years, Leonie went to school in Rockhampton as her brother and sisters say she was the chief organiser in the family.

That will sound familiar to all who knew Leonie.


A bad crash in a red Falcon by a bloke named George Creed turned out to be a life-changing event for Leonie. He and Leonie started courting and married on September 5, 1964 at St Paul's Cathedral in Rockhampton. They then moved into a half-built home at The Old Station.

Their first daughter Elizabeth was born in 1965, Andrew in 1969 and Ron in 1970.

Ron shared a memory of his mother at the service:

"Mum didn't appreciate swearing ... when we were kids Zippy (Elizabeth), Andrew and I decided to test this swearing bit out.

"The three of us were sitting there one day talking, either Andrew or Elizabeth decided that we were old enough to start swearing.

"Both Andrew and Zippy they look to me and said it's up to you to start swearing tomorrow at breakfast time and then we'll follow.

"Breakfast time next morning, Mum calls out breakfast ... and (she) turned round and she said to me ... "Ronnie what do you want for breakfast?" and I thought about it for a while ... pressure's on. I turned around and said 'Mum, I'll have Coco Pops thanks bitch'.

"So with that I got the biggest backhander you've ever seen. I flew across the floor ... the dust finally settled and Andrew and Zippy are sitting there like stunned mullet.

"Mum turns to Andrew and she says, Andrew, what are you having for breakfast? And Andrew said '... I don't know but I'm not having those f***ing Coco Pops'."

When George became involved in local politics, Leonie was the rock behind that career. She was always immaculately dressed and described by many as "a true lady".

Leonie has been the pillar and champion behind 26 highly successful air shows conducted at The Old Station over a period of 30 years. This is where the first seeds of a helicopter rescue service for this region were sown.

Subsequently, these events have raised over half a million dollars for the Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service and other charities.

Leonie loved all things aviation including the Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service and served as a foundation director of that service. So, it is only fitting that she left yesterday's service in a helicopter.

On May 24, 2013, Leonie was awarded the prestigious Lions International Ray Phippard Fellowship in recognition of her exceptional service to the community.

She had a reputation as a great cook. Whether it was her slices, damper or plum puddings, they were simply delicious.

Leonie is survived by her children Elizabeth, Andrew, and Ron, and their partners Chris, Nancy and Helen and nine grandchildren: Josephine, Jack, Mellissa, Thomas, William, Jacob, Alicia, Samantha and Matthew.

Her grand daughter Josephine Mumford spoke at her funeral:

"She was such a welcoming lovely lady, and insisted everyone call her Nan."

"She often said to me, you must set a high standard and always keep it that way.

"You must be dignified and proud of yourself, you must never lower the bar, even under the influence of others.

"I used to say to her, if I could be half the lady you are I'd be very happy and proud.

"Nan didn't have a stop button, and never complained. She worked every single day of her life, including Christmas day when she always cooked up a feast.

"It was seven weeks to the day when Nan was diagnosed with a brain tumour ... the whole family went into shock, despite the diagnosis Nan was a perfect patient."

Leonie's oldest son Andrew said:

"Mum was a very giving, generous person and she wouldn't have expected half of the help and support she received over the last seven weeks.

"She peacefully passed from this life last Friday in her own home.

"May you rest in peace on the hill overlooking Langmorn Station with your life-long partner and soul mate."

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