Julie Thomson and daughter Jessica, 9, do their weekly shopping at Woolworths.
Julie Thomson and daughter Jessica, 9, do their weekly shopping at Woolworths. Alistair Brightman

Shop around to save money

A RECENT comparison by the Fraser Coast Chronicle shows it pays to shop around as leading grocery chains battle for the consumer's dollar.

Calculations revealed shoppers could save thousands of dollars each year on every day and luxury items.

Thirty-three similar products were reviewed at Aldi, Woolworths and Coles, with the results reinforcing what many thought.

Aldi was the cheapest with a total of $123.97. Next best was Coles at $177.95 followed by Woolworths which performed worst with a trolley total of $196.78.

Shoppers agreed on Aldi's value but said lack of variety forced them into other supermarkets.

Retiree Enid Thatcher was shopping at Woolworths when surveyed. She admitted to shopping at all but preferred Aldi for cheap prices.

"It's been a tough year, dollar wise, and I need to get the best value," Ms Thatcher said.

"The variety isn't as good but I still go there once a week."

She said having different supermarkets competing for business had reduced prices.

She added some luxury and organic items could still be found at Aldi.

Married couple Dave and Ronda Mayer said Aldi had the best bargains.

"We use all three and look for specials but Aldi provide the most," Ms Mayer said.



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