Trucks grounded in NSW police operation

TWO heavy vehicles have been grounded following Operation Arrow 1 - a joint operation targeting heavy vehicle defects in New South Wales' Hunter Region.

On Thursday May 1, and Friday May 2, officers from the NSW Police Traffic and Highway Patrol Command, together with officers from Roads and Maritime Services, conducted the operation along the New England and Golden highways.

Police say the joint Heavy Vehicle Taskforce focussed on over-size and over-mass trucks carrying wide loads and large machinery.

Seven heavy vehicles were inspected over the two days, resulting in two vehicles being grounded after a range of major defects were found.

Assistant Commissioner John Hartley, Commander of the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command, said these operations were crucial to help ensure compliance and safety.

"These trucks are carrying wide and heavy loads, often for long distances throughout rural NSW and other Australian states," Assistance Commissioner Hartley said.

"Officers were surprised to find tyres on some of the trucks inspected to be in extremely poor condition, load permits not complied with, and fatigue not properly managed.

"Heavy vehicles with bald tyres, over weight loads and faulty engine control modules on our roads are a huge risk to drivers and other road users," he said.

Peter Wells, Director of Safety and Compliance for the NSW Roads and Maritime Services, said heavy vehicles provided a critical service for the NSW economy and consumers.

"While the transportation of various large and heavy goods needs to occur on our roads, it has to be done safely.

"Roads and Maritime Services will work with Police and other members of the industry to ensure that the transportation of over size and over mass goods is fully compliant on our roads.

"I call on all parties to ensure these loads are transported both professionally and safely." he said.

Joint Heavy Vehicle Taskforce officers will now review these results with a view to conducting further inspections on over-size and over-mass heavy vehicles across NSW.

Last year, the Taskforce conducted over 37 operations targeting speed, fatigue and load restraints within the heavy vehicle industry.

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