PETER "Turbo" Teatoff, who gained fame on reality TV show Outback Truckers has been jailed.

Last night on A Current Affair they broke the news that Turbo was in jail over fraud charges.

He was an outspoken truckie on the show and announced his plans to be a big player in the trucking industry.

During the episode people who say they've been ripped off by Turbo spoke out and he threatened to shoot a man.

Employers said he owed them thousands of dollars and a mechanic said he was owed around $10,000 and had kept Turbo's truck for two years because he hasn't paid the bill.



ACA also alleged he rented a rig that was repossessed when he owed the owners more than $20,000.

The story took a turn when they interviewed a man who said Turbo had ripped off his truck.

The man said Turbo offered to buy his truck, but was waiting on insurance money to come through and had asked to rent or lease it for a couple of months.

He allegedes Turbo made a payment and then disappeared with the truck, but kept promising to pay the full amount for six months.

And for those six months he has been trying to repossess the truck.

ACA cameras follows the man who spots Turbo on the road, following him nearly 100km.

The chase ends at a show ground in Queensland where he meets another truckie to hand over a load.

ACA then questions Turbo about the money people say he owes and the truck's ownership, while Turbo denies the claims he owes money and the truck is someone else's.

He did admit he had been to jail for other things.

While ACA talks to Turbo the man who says he owns the truck jumps into the cab to try and take it back.

Turbo runs up to stop him and another man comes in to tell him he won't be getting into the truck.

That's when Turbo becomes aggressive, threatens to shoot the man, starts swearing and throwing things.

He later stands in front of the truck so it can't leave.

Turbo calls the police, which backfires they check the truck saying it has bald tyres and find it is not registered or insured.

Turbo then tells the police he paid for the truck by cheque, but the cheque bounced.

The police then take the truck.

ACA ended the show saying since filming Turbo had been sent to jail for fraud, and he still owed $26,000 in unpaid fines.

Big Rigs has contacted Prospero Productions the makers of Outback Truckers for comment.

Big Rigs

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