Unknown man holds key to Emerald woman's injuries claim

A MYSTERY jogger may be the key to an Emerald woman's personal injuries claim.

The 44-year-old was left with a significant brain injury after being involved in an unusual motor-vehicle accident in 2011.

It's alleged she suffered serious injury after a driver held her arm through a car window as he accelerated away, before letting her go.

A jogger is believed to have witnessed the incident and assisted the injured woman at the scene.

McCowan's Specialist Lawyers solicitor Tim Cooper is representing the woman in her claim for damages for personal injuries.

He said the woman had travelled to the Boulevard in Theodore with her three daughters, her partner and his two sons to meet the mother of the boys on December 31, 2011.

Mr Cooper said upon arrival, the boys went over to their mother's vehicle, a white Mitsubishi Pajero 4WD, which was being driven by their grandfather.

He said his client and her partner saw the mother put the boys in the back of the car.

"It appeared to the woman and her partner that the mother of the boys was going to do a runner," he said.

The woman and her partner ran over to the car and an argument ensued.

Mr Cooper said the woman reached into the driver's window and attempted to take the keys.

However, it is claimed the grandfather grabbed her arm and held her there as he accelerated, only letting her go when he changed gears.

Mr Cooper said his client fell and struck her head on the side of the vehicle, before rolling a couple of times on the bitumen.

A police investigation was carried out, but Mr Cooper said unfortunately it wasn't very thorough due to a lack of manpower.

After a call out in the local newspaper and some door-knocking, Mr Cooper said a number of witnesses who heard the children screaming and saw the aftermath came forward.

All except the elusive jogger, who was observed by the woman's children at the scene.

"He could shed some light on what happened," Mr Cooper said.

"The accident injuries have had a substantial impact on all aspects of the woman's life."

Mr Cooper said the jogger was described as tall, sandy blonde hair with clipper style cut, clean shaven, oval facial structure and strong calf muscles.

He said it's believed he was wearing football shorts with red, black and white joggers and carrying a Pump water bottle.

He asks that anyone who may know this man to contact his office on 55314444.

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