‘Up in the air’: Brahmans’ manager speaks on virus ban

WHITSUNDAY Brahmans's club manager Bryce Fraser has spoken with open transparency surrounding the ban of all rugby league training and games due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, as the club manages the unprecedented situation.

On Wednesday, Queensland Rugby League (QRL) banned all team training inside club gyms or on local fields until the end of April, as part of the ongoing situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fraser said the current planned start date was for May 1, however the date was "fluid", with news and advice surrounding the virus constantly changing.

"We're in a bit of a holding pattern waiting for advice from QRL who are seeking advice from the QRL chief medical officer," he said.

"The May date may be when we can get back to training, or it might be when games go back, or the start date could be pushed back further. We just don't know at this stage.

"There's a duty of care for the players, so there needs to be time for them to train before playing a game again. So if training comes back in May, it would be weeks before another game."

Fraser said the most difficult aspect moving forward was retaining players, with many already suffering from a job downturn.

Player motivation and investment was also high on the list for the club as it moves through the coronavirus crisis.

"One of the biggest problems is keeping some of our boys here, they've lost jobs and hours due to everything going on at the moment," he said.

"We're assisting financially where we can for these guys. It's a difficult situation and it has the potential to bury a number of sporting clubs across the country."

Fraser said players were training in their own time in a bid to keep their fitness high, should the season start in May.

"We're encouraging the guys to do self-training and keep their fitness up. We're in constant communication with them," he said.

"Our top priority is public health, but there's no denying the sport is up in the air big-time. We're taking it day by day at the moment.

"It's disappointing, and we don't want to lose the momentum from the pre-season, but this is an unprecedented situation and we're going to follow all the advice we are given."

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