WATCH: Six-foot brown snake prompts triple-0 call

EMERGENCY services were called after a woman found a six-foot eastern brown snake stretched across the vanity of her Cabarlah home last week.

The woman had filled her bathroom sink with water for her cat only to return to a venomous snake enjoying a dip. 

Toowoomba snake catcher Ally Wilkinson said the woman had barricaded the bathroom before calling triple-0.

"When she first saw the snake she thought it was a red belly black because of its dark colouring so naturally she was quite terrified," Ms Wilkinson said. 

"She wasn't sure who to call, so she dialled triple-0 who put her through to the police."

After being unsuccessfully rerouted, the woman's son put a call through to Ms Wilkinson.

"When I got there, I couldn't see the snake," Ms Wilkinson said.

"I walked around the bathroom and bedroom looking at the floor and I just couldn't find it.

"However, the second time I went back into the bathroom, I heard a hissing sound coming from above, and that's when I saw him in the blinds."

Ms Wilkinson said it was unusual for the snake to climb so high.

"You always look at the ground first," she said.

"But this just shows that these snakes do climb."

She said the family believed the snake had entered the house through a front door, which was open to allow for a breeze.

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