Movie HQ owner Sunny Mahaderan.
Movie HQ owner Sunny Mahaderan.

Video store owner pledges to keep ‘kicking on’

DUE TO a plethora of online streaming services available, video stores are few and far between but Bowen's Movie HQ is ticking along steadily and the team pledges to keep "kicking on".

Bowen's Movie HQ is one of the last remaining video stores in Central Queensland, and while many small businesses are struggling in the current climate, it is maintaining a "steady" flow of business.

Owner Sunny Mahadevan said they had experienced a slight drop in trade as many people were isolating themselves at home and using online streaming services.

But he said the drop was balanced out by the pensioners who didn't have access to Netflix and those who had exhausted the streaming service options.

"As far as business goes, with the little drop in trade, the Jobkeeper initiative will help us out heaps. It will get us through the next couple of months," Mr Mahadevan said.

He took over the business in 2002 and said there had been times he' had considered closing, but while the community continued supporting him, he would keep "kicking on."

"I came close to cutting it right back, but there are still customers coming in and you feel a bit of an obligation to them while they're supporting you," he said.

"While I can, I'll keep going as long as I can.

"As long as the public is there, every small business is the same, you rely on the public, so for now we're kicking on."

Mr Mahadevan said video stores were important in small communities, particularly for pensioners who might not have access to online services.

"We do cheap Tuesdays which is great for pensioners and they generally don't have Netflix," he said.

"You get people coming in asking for something we haven't rented in 10 or so years, something that's not even available on Netflix.

"It'll probably be more of a video museum one day."

Mr Mahadevan said it was hard to know how many Movie HQ stores were left in Queensland, but said he believed he was the last in Central Queensland and "probably one of the last in the state".

"We have a running joke about Steven Bradbury - we're the last one standing," he said.

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