MACHINES that kick goals, port-a-loos that can withstand cyclones, desks that defy gravity and toolboxes that won't buckle under monster trucks - these are the projects that three teams of Queensland tradies will be showcasing in a series of online videos over the next month.

The talented group have been taking part in Tradie Vs, a Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) competition featuring teams from Thompson Building Group, McNab and WorldSkills Australia.

Each team competed in four unconventional challenges that tested their technical skills, teamwork and creativity.

Queenslanders are now invited to watch the construction combatants do battle and vote for the best team in each challenge.

The videos show the journey each team embarked on during the building process, beginning with Tradie Vs Tropical Storm. This challenge saw the group working to build a port-a-loo capable of standing strong in the face of a cyclone.

In the second challenge, Tradie Vs Gravity the teams build an office desk complete with a computer, phone, paperwork, lamp, photo frame and a coffee cup. In a twist, the objects are required to stay fixed to the desk when flipped upside down in the air by a crane.

And if that wasn't enough, Tradie Vs Brute Force challenges the contestants to construct the ultimate toolbox, tough enough to survive the full weight of a 4.5 tonne monster truck.

In the final challenge, Tradie Vs Football, the teams were asked to build a mechanism with the capacity to kick a football through rugby league posts. With Broncos great Steve Renouf watching on, the tradies put their contraptions into action with each team aiming to kick the longest goal.

McNab carpentry apprentice Steve Webster said the competition had brought the best out in the competitors.

"The Tradie Vs challenges were unlike anything we had attempted before but the teams were able to come up with some clever solutions to tricky problems.

"It shows just how adaptable the skills you learn in the construction industry are and the different ways you can apply them.

"Not all of our designs survived the testing, but we think people will enjoy watching some pretty spectacular footage," he said.

CSQ CEO Brett Schimming said he hoped the competition would help to attract new entrants to the building and construction industry.

"The Tradie Vs competition shows the construction industry is not just about hammers and nails.

"It's a dynamic, fast paced industry which suits those who enjoy problem solving and can think outside the box.

"If you are considering your career options, have a look at Tradie Vs to see a different side of construction," he said.

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