A former star of The Voice Australia has allegedly endured a series of assaults that are before court.
A former star of The Voice Australia has allegedly endured a series of assaults that are before court.

Voice star allegedly kidnapped, choked, bound and raped

WARNING: Graphic content

THE ex-boyfriend of a reality TV star has been charged with raping, kidnapping, choking and tying her up in a series of alarming alleged assaults including chasing and capturing her inside a hospital.

The singer and former The Voice Australia contestant, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was allegedly dragged by her hair, bound and assaulted against a fence at night in a public park.

Police also allege the singer's former partner assaulted her while threatening her with a scalpel and chased her in a terrifying pursuit up hospital corridors.

The 32-year-old man, who also knew the singer's relatives, at one point allegedly threatened to burn down her parents' house.

According to police documents seen exclusively by news.com.au, the alleged reign of terror began during the one-time couple's short romance and continued afterwards.

One of the earliest alleged incidents occurred while the couple was staying at the Town & Country Motel at Strathfield, in inner western Sydney.

Two women guests at the motel offered the singer refuge in their room after the man allegedly prevented the woman from leaving by grabbing her by the hair and dragging her along the footpath outside.

Police say the woman then locked herself in their hotel room as her then boyfriend screamed that if she didn't come out he would burn down her family home.

The man allegedly screamed: "Everybody's lives will be ruined. You know I'm not afraid to do it."

Several months later, another incident allegedly happened when the singer left the unit the couple was renting in western Sydney to go to Concord Hospital about a medical condition.

The man drove the singer to the emergency department where she was triaged to a small consultation room where she lay on a bed.

Police allege the boyfriend then closed the doors at each end of the room and took a scalpel from a cabinet and held it to the singer's cheek.

Armed with the scalpel, the man allegedly said "open your legs. I want you now. I'm going to have you now".

The woman realised the scalpel had cut her face and she struggled as the man allegedly climbed on top of her.

The woman then tried to scream, but the man allegedly covered her mouth and she escaped from the room as he followed, saying "If I don't have you now, I don't care if the police come".

The singer ran through the emergency area and along a hallway into a disabled toilet where police allege the man followed her and locked the door, trapping her and saying, "it's going to happen".

Police then allege he took hold of the woman's hair and underwear and sexually assaulted her, then dragged her from the hospital and drove her home.

On another occasion police allege that he tied her to a bed with duct tape and, armed with a man's belt, struck her forcefully over her body and raped her.

In mid-2015, the woman was released after a period of time in hospital and the man collected her and drove her to a Sydney hotel where police allege he choked and raped her.

In December 2015, police allege the man tied the singer by the wrists late at night at Merrylands Oval in western Sydney and attempted to rape her up against a metal fence.

Police allege he was breaching a curfew order then in place by being at the oval at 11.30pm and in the company of the woman.

The man allegedly wrestled the woman on the grass and then used a sash from her cardigan to tie her wrists at the front, only stopping when she became hysterical.

On a different occasion police allege the man tied up the woman with her G-string and forcibly had sexual intercourse with her, saying "You can't stop me".

The accused man, of Baulkham Hills, faces one charge of aggravated sexual assault with threat to inflict actual bodily harm with a weapon, two counts of intentionally choke person with recklessness and two counts of aggravated sexual assault and deprive liberty.

He is also charged with aggravated sexual assault inflict actual bodily harm and two counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

He is also charged with three counts of common assault and contravening an Apprehended Violence Order.

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