Watch for carbon scams

SCAMwatch is warning businesses to be on the look out for carbon price scams.

Carbon price scams targeting businesses may come in a number of forms, including phone calls and fake websites seeking your personal banking details to pay a carbon tax compensation into your bank account, or to sell you fake carbon credits.

Follow these steps to protect your business:

  • be alert to scam survey calls or websites which ask for personal, business or financial details
  • don't provide or confirm your personal or business details over the phone unless you made the call using contact details you found yourself and you trust the information
  • don't enter your credit card or banking details on a website unless you have checked it's authentic and secure
  • avoid having a large number of staff authorised to make orders or pay invoices - this will reduce the risk of your business paying for something that is not required or is not legitimate.

If you spot a scam or have been scammed, you can report it by visiting the Report a scam  page on the SCAMwatch  website.

Firies on scene after Proserpine house fire

Firies on scene after Proserpine house fire

EMERGENCY services attended a house fire in Proserpine overnight.

Car in floodwater at Cannon Valley

Car in floodwater at Cannon Valley

Emergency Services responded to a car in floodwater.

Siege south of Bowen ends

premium_icon Siege south of Bowen ends

The siege ended at 4.15pm.