WATCH: Driver defends driving into group of runners

This is the astonishing moment a woman drove her car directly into the path of half marathon runners as she chose to ignore a clearly marked road closure.

The shocking footage was captured in England and shows the driver knocking over a cone as a pedestrian tries to stop the car hitting other participants at the race by leaning onto the bonnet.

The chaos, captured on camera by a bystander, shows dismayed participants in Plymouth's Britain's Ocean City running to get out of the car's path.

The same man is then seen trying to get into the passenger seat to stop the motorist driving further, but is unable to get in as she continues to drive down the road.

Runners are seen shouting and swerving, as one yells: "Are you stupid?" as others shout for her to stop.

But the determined driver continues, saying: "I'm going very slowly."

The woman is then heard saying: "I can't get out ... listen, I have tried to get out every which way. I have a workshop in Okehampton."

"I have had no information ... I went very slowly."

There were not believed to be any casualties from the disruption to the race, which takes place annually in Plymouth and causes road closures across the city.

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