Water freezes out of a tap in Alice Springs PICTURE Margaret Wallace
Water freezes out of a tap in Alice Springs PICTURE Margaret Wallace

Cold snap: Red Centre water freezes

IT'S been cold down in Alice Springs with water literally freezing out of the taps.

This picture was taken by Alice Springs resident Margaret Wallace yesterday morning when she was going to grab a drink for her horses.

"Basically I was out with the horses at Blatherskite Park, and I went to use the tap and this is what I came across," she said.

Ms Wallace said it didn't usually seem to be this cold.

"It's not usually this bad - I've never seen it coming out of the tap like that," she said.

"We get to rug up and sleep under a nice hot heater. There are a few fireplaces in Alice Springs too."

Bureau of Meteorology climatologist Greg Browning said Alice Springs often got cold, but 2018 had already been colder than average.

"Each year, there are an average of 12.8C nights where the temperature drops to zero or below, with July typically being the month with most nights below zero (6.1C average)," he said.

"The temperature at Alice Springs airport has been zero degrees or below for the past 5 consecutive nights - just a little over the average for June, which is four nights below zero."

The coldest overnight temperature on record for June was -6C in 2002.

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