Wayne Bennett will announce plans on his own terms

GORDEN Tallis's broadside at Wayne Bennett calling on the master coach to tell everyone his future plans even if he doesn't know them himself is further proof, if anyone needed it, what a powerful player Bennett is.

As a player, Tallis's job was to rip into the opposition, intimidate them and beat them up with his power and aggression.

Few did it better than the man nicknamed The Raging Bull.

He was tough and he played with a mix of passion, pride and fire that made him a feared opponent.

He always said what was on his mind and not just to the media but also to referees.

Hollywood Bill Harrigan sent him off in a State of Origin game for calling him a "cheat".

Tallis is now behind the microphone and being paid big dollars as an expert comments hit up man for Foxsports.

His employers get bang for their buck because Tallis is not afraid to say what he thinks regardless of the target.

Being outspoken, opinionated, fearless and controversial are in Tallis's DNA, just as Bennett's traits of being very private and at times difficult to deal with are in his.

Bennett's philosophy has always been unless he feels he has something worth saying, why say anything?

Tallis can hardly accuse Bennett of suddenly ignoring the media, he's been selective with his interviews ever since he started coaching 35 years ago, he hasn't just become a media recluse.

Rugby league needs people like Tallis who will speak out and criticise those who need it - even those at the top or, in Bennett's case, the most successful coach ever..

As a journalist I'd love every coach and every player to answer my telephone calls and answer my questions honestly every day.

But I know that's not going to happen, just like yesterday when I asked Brisbane reserve hooker Jake Granvile if he'd be playing for North Queensland next year and he laughed it off.

Stand by on that one.

Bennett is the hardest coach in the game to get regular interviews with but he does return calls and texts and speaks with journalists he trusts.

As Tallis himself acknowledged, when he decides to talk, everyone listens.

That's because he's won seven, yes seven, premierships - ask Brian Smith, an excellent coach, if he would have liked to have won just one premiership, and coached his state and country to glory.

I don't an issue with Tallis criticising Bennett for not fulfilling his media obligations; I am a fan of Tallis's candidness.

But Bennett dodging media interviews is hardly new - he's been doing it since he starting coaching Brisbane in the premiership in 1988 even when Tallis played under him.

Bennett made Tallis captain of the Broncos, a move which allowed him to captain Queensland and Australia.

As for him being paid $1.5 million, good luck to him, it could have been $3 million if that's what Newcastle's former owner Nathan Tinkler thought he was worth.

That's like $200,000 a premiership, pretty cheap really.

Like any rugby league player, Bennett is entitled to carry out his negotiations privately with as many clubs as he likes, including Brisbane, before he tells the world or Tallis where he'll be in 2015.
Let's be honest, Brisbane haven't actually set the world on fire in a number of areas on and off the field in recent years, missing out on big name signings, changing coaches and losing key administrators.

I'm not as convinced as Tallis a lot of people don't want Bennett's craggy poker face back at Red Hill.

But until he decides to reveal where he's going next, I'll keep pumping out the speculation as will every other media outlet in the country.

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