We are all too busy to eat lunch, according to 76% of us

SO YOU are sitting at your desk and you get the tummy rumbles.  

You check time and it's a couple of minutes past 12pm, but there's that report to send and the phone call to make and the email to write up.  

Before you know it, the lunch period is over and you might just have time to grab a coffee, but forget taking an actual break.  

Food company Pitango recently released a survey on Australian workers' lunchtime habits to discover that 76% of us are 'too busy ' to eat lunch.  

They found 41% of participants skip lunch at least once a week and 76% of those skipping use the excuse that they are too busy.  

"By the time 12pm comes around your blood sugar levels will be beginning to drop, particularly if you've eaten an early breakfast., dietitian and nutritionist at Healthy Bods Nutrition, Courtney Bates said.  

"This can leave you feeling increasingly tired and lacking focus."  

"Skipping lunch can rev up your appetite later, causing you to overeat or choose foods that have poor nutritional values."  

"Choosing options for a quick and easy lunch ...will keep you fuller for longer and help ward off the 3pm munchies."  

Over 40% of those surveyed said they would prefer their daily desk lunch to be healthy but easy, with more than a third wishing they had a convenient option that tastes homemade.  

Almost 70% of people admitted they purchase lunch one or more times a week claiming they have no time to prepare complicated and time-consuming meals at home.  

Do you have a healthy, quick and easy lunch alternative? What do you eat for lunch?

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