SPLASH: Whales were all the rage over the weekend.
Photo: Keith Roberts Whitsunday Catamarans TAA
SPLASH: Whales were all the rage over the weekend. Photo: Keith Roberts Whitsunday Catamarans TAA

A whale of a weekend

KEITH Roberts was taking his wife out for a day on the water yesterday when he was greeted by not one but eight humpback whales.

"It was certainly a nice weekend for whales," he joked.

Owner of Whitsunday Catamarans and Fishing Whitsundays, Mr Roberts was on a Fishing Whitsundays vessel when he and his wife spotted the majestic creatures.

"We found two groups near Double Cone Island and both were mothers and their calves," he said.

"Then we found another mother and calf north of Hayman (Island) and we found two, what we think were males, between here and Bait Reef about five miles out."

Over the course of the day, Mr Roberts said they witnessed at least 20 breaches.

Whales certainly seemed to be dominating the Whitsunday waters over the weekend as Mr Roberts wasn't the only one who had a unique experience with the gentle giants.

Skipper at Whale Watching Whitsundays, Jock Main said he was taking guests out on a tour yesterday when another company on the water spotted some whales.

When the other boat drove off, Mr Main said the whale, which he believed to be a young male, made his way over to his group to take a look.

Mr Main posted a short one-minute video on Facebook but said the entire experience lasted at least eight minutes.

"He just circled the boat and spy hopped for quite a while," he said.

With 10 guests on board at the time, Mr Main said everyone was overwhelmed by the unique sighting.

"There were tears involved, (the guests) were stoked," he said.

"It was the wrap up of our trip and he was the only one who came over and had a look at us.

"We're out there to show (the guests) whales and so it's great when they get that close."

Mr Main said seeing whales this close was something that didn't happen all that often.

"It's definitely fun when they get that close," he said.

"It's not a regular event that they get that close and curious."

Whale sightings were all the rage over the weekend
Whale sightings were all the rage over the weekend

Airlie local Rosco Duncan also got to enjoy the whales yesterday while gearing up for Race Week.

Mr Duncan was sailing on a 42 foot boat called Awesome when he and the other 11 passengers on board spotted the whales.

"We were heading out towards Double Cone (Island) and we could see them up ahead," he said.

"There was a mother and her child."

Despite seeing whales plenty of times before, Mr Duncan said it was still exciting to come across them in such close proximity.

"They're so big and it's hard to determine how close they were but I'd say they were about a couple hundred metres away," he said.

These whales definitely liked to show off in the water, with both breaching multiple times.

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