Whitsunday's Christian College careers day

On the 20th of May 2015, Whitsunday Christian College organised a Careers Expo for students in years Nine to Twelve.

The Expo consisted of various stalls that had information on different workplaces and jobs that could be beneficial to students and could lead them onto a successful and bountiful pathway.

Throughout the day there were numerous speakers from all around the Whitsunday region discussing the different aspects of their job and what they enjoyed most.

Nancee Myles who is the Operations Coordinator at MRAEL Limited in Mackay spoke first about her role at MRAEL and the apprenticeships and training that they have to offer. Jayke from grade ten said "Nancee's information about apprentices was really intriguing and gave me valuable information".

Jim Hodges from the local Tafe also spoke to students about the many existing apprenticeships and job opportunities, both providing students with an array of valuable information.

Students were also able to learn about the various university courses available at CQU and the facilities and locations of the campuses, this again leading to many job possibilities and future prospects.

Students were fortunate to have other local businesses also take time out of their busy schedules to attend the Careers Expo.

For those students interested in a career in health, students were lucky enough to have Alice Harriot speak about dentistry, Amelia Friend for those interested in Radiography and Rowena Kissun from Whitsunday Health Clinic spoke about her own business and the stages and steps she took in order to become as successful as she is today.

For those interested in law and order, Claire Storace appeared before them on behalf of Macrossen and Amiet Solicitors, while Sergeant Simon Walter spoke of his vital role in the police force and in keeping the community safe.

Students interested in learning about Whitsunday's Regional Council were also lucky enough to have Mr Jarvis attend the Expo while those interested in a career in beauty may have found great delight in hearing from Di Hinschen who is a leading hairdresser at Australian Hair and Beauty.

Zac from year Nine was very appreciative about Di's visit and said "she was really interactive with us and had heaps of enthusiasm".

Students with a more culinary taste may have found it with great delight to hear from those in the local food industry including Jaide Hunt who spoke about the ever popular McDonald's, and Andrew Carr on behalf of Shipwrecked.

Each spoke about the importance of customer service and what it takes to be in the food industry. Konna from year Twelve gained a lot of valuable information about the food industry and said "Andrew had a unique way of describing his job and was very enthusiastic".

While undoubtedly every guest speaker was highly valued, the highlight to most appeared to be the visit from the Queensland Fire Service, Kevin Tomas making a grand entrance and allowing the students to get right up and personal with the fire engine. Kenzii in year Eleven said "Kevin was very informative and very entertaining".

Overall, it was a highly successful day and one in which many students could take away valuable insight from.

On behalf of Whitsunday Christian College, a huge thank you goes out to everyone who was kind enough to attend the Careers Expo and offer students valuable information into the different opportunities and pathways available.
By Fia Fitzgerald

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