STUCK on the highway behind someone driving slow outside of the left lane?

Why don't police do something about people like this? Toss them in prison and throw away the key.

British police have given their first ever fine for someone "hogging" the middle lane on a UK motorway.

A small Citroen van drove in the middle lane, forcing other drivers to brake heavily then overtake, despite the inside lane being empty.

The driver copped a fine, court costs and a "victim surcharge" adding up to about AUD$1900.

So why aren't these slow-poke drivers being targeted in Queensland? 

You might not see it, but it turns out police aren't big fans of these road hogs either.

The most recent data from Queensland Police Service shows 595 people copped fines for "driving in the right lane on a multi-lane road without a reasonable excuse". 

These are roads with speed limits above 80kmh.

That included 74 on the Sunshine Coast, 55 on the Darling Downs and eight in Ipswich.

The Capricornia and Wide Bay regions -- which includes Rockhampton, Gladstone, Bundaberg and Gympie -- had a combined total of two caught by police.

Anyone busted by police for hogging the right hand lane in Queensland will cost you about $68 and two demerit points.

That is despite there being a maximum penalty of $2277 (20 penalty units) for driving on the right without reasonable excuse.




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