DISTRAUGHT: Emma Green and her partner Eldean Blake are mourning the loss of their baby.
DISTRAUGHT: Emma Green and her partner Eldean Blake are mourning the loss of their baby. Contributed

Why did Emma's baby boy die?

IPSWICH mum Jane Green says her family is devastated that her daughter Emma's son died in her womb after she was repeatedly turned away from Rockhampton Hospital.

Emma Green grew up in Ipswich and was in the class of 2003 at St Mary's College before working and meeting her partner Eldean Blake.

They moved to Gladstone where Eldean works in mining and Emma got a job with the Gladstone Ports Corporation.

Jane, who lives in Ipswich, flew to Gladstone anticipating Emma and Eldean's first child. Instead, she arrived to horrible news.

"It's devastating. All through her pregnancy he has been fine. She's done all her medical appointments, everything's been fine," Mrs Green said. "They came up here last Friday and was checked out; she said she'd been having some pains and things but they said everything looked fine.

"They stayed in Rocky for the night, she still wasn't feeling right on Saturday so she went back to Rocky, they checked her out and said everything was okay, it was all normal. They stayed here Sunday because they had an ante-natal appointment on the Monday.

"They did that and everything looked fine with his heart beat and blood pressure and everything."

They were told to go to Rockhampton at 3pm Tuesday, thinking the baby would be induced. Instead, they were told the hospital was too busy.

"They were told there were no rooms or monitoring beds, they were busy; 'Come back at eight o'clock, you may be induced then'," Mrs Green said. "She mentioned to them she didn't feel right and she hadn't felt him for a couple of hours.

"No-one even checked her at three o'clock when she said that. No-one even did a blood pressure or checked his heart beat or anything.

"They went up between seven and eight and she said she kind of felt something was not right. The staff - I don't know if they did a scan or an ultrasound trying to find his heart beat and there wasn't one.

"An apology's not going to cut it from the people who have made the mistake. The whole system needs to be fixed and people need to be monitored."

Mrs Green angrily added, "The only reason they were referred to Rockhampton was because Gladstone Hospital has a policy for pregnant women that their weight and BMI have to be in a certain range and Emma was a little bit over that."

On Wednesday, Emma gave birth to her stillborn son at Rockhampton's Mater Private Hospital.

"The Mater Hospital covered all the costs - we didn't have to pay anything," Mrs Green said.

"They were just so good; all the staff, all the doctors and especially Sister Maria who helped us out."

Emma and Eldean called their son Waylan.

"We had a lovely little naming ceremony for him," Mrs Green said, crying.

Health Minister Lawrence Springborg said the Central Queensland Hospital Board was preparing a report and he has asked Queensland Health to conduct an independent investigation.

Investigations are also being conducted by police, the coroner and the Queensland Nurses Union.

Shadow Health Minister Jo-Ann Miller said any inquiries must be fully independent and tabled in State Parliament.

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