MARIE Poxon had hoped closure would follow the investigation into the death of her husband in a 2013 workplace incident.

Instead, the widow of Simon Poxon has been left feeling let down by the justice system and the coronial investigation process.

Simon was killed on his second day working at Sherrin Rentals in Torrington when, on February 26, 2013, a worker onsite reversed a cherry picker when he meant to drive forward.

Simon was critically injured and was rushed to Toowoomba Hospital where he died later that day.

Mrs Poxon, a former nurse, was shocked at the extensive injuries detailed in clinical language on the coroner's report.

Close friends and family have remained by her side, helping her through the ordeal over the past two years.

But it was when the 22-year-old who was driving the cherry picker pleaded guilty to failing to comply with health and safety duties and walked from court with a $5000 bond as his penalty that Mrs Poxon vowed to fight for answers.

She has since written to the Queensland Coroner calling for a full inquest into the events leading up to, and including, his death.

"By writing this letter to the Coroner, I am just hoping to get a better outcome than what we got at court last week," Mrs Poxon said.

"Because to me, Simon has had no justice done.

"When Simon died in hospital that day and I was there with him, I said I would fight for justice because it should never have happened."

Marie Poxon has written to the state coroner requesting a full investigation into the workplace death of her husband, Simon Poxon.
Marie Poxon has written to the state coroner requesting a full investigation into the workplace death of her husband, Simon Poxon. Kevin Farmer

Mrs Poxon said she understood the man who pleaded guilty court last week was young, but said the penalty he received was too lenient.

"Ok, yes, everyone says he has to live with it but so do we," she said.

"We were devastated.

"Simon was a very health and safety conscious person and he wouldn't have done anything he wasn't meant to do."

Mrs Poxon said that when the man's plea changed from not guilty to guilty, she missed an opportunity to hear from the 13 witnesses scheduled to front court last week.

She said their testimony would have given her more answers.

"It was very emotional for all of us," she said.

"So now I have written the letter to the Coroner by registered mail and am just waiting for a response from them.

"There are lots of questions we want answered."

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