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Will cheating on Taylor Swift fluoridate your CSG drugs?

THIS week I was asked "Will cheating with Taylor Swift's fluoride give you a CSG drug problem at the pokies?"

I point this out mainly as a reflection on the silliness going on in business and industry this week.

Mining industry being treated as ATM, says Gina Rinehart

Australia's disapproving grandma Gina Rinehart has told the Government to stop using miners as an ATM.

She's warned the Government that mining is the only thing between us and the Eurozone's fate.

When asked about our strength in science and tech, Ms Rinehart told reporters to go to the naughty corner.

Moranbah motel owner allowed to appeal sex worker case

Attorney General Jarrod Bleijie has welcomed a motel's appeal to let it discriminate against sex workers using rooms.

A sex worker was originally successful claiming $30,000 for humiliation, stress and economic loss against them.

In response Bleijie is expected to introduce his 'Most happy Christian wonderland' bill sometime this month.

Tax hike sparks concern for online purchases

This week's budget has raised taxes on online purchases by threefold to cover customs costs.

Bricks-and-mortar shops have welcomed the lessened need to be competitive.

Online business are less worried, citing Australia's shocking service levels as their 'paydirt'.

Naked maid service promises to spice up domestic drudgery

A new company offering naked maids for household chores has opened in Gladstone.

The non-sexual "cleaning with a quirk" is recruiting staff from all genders already.

Several Gladstone citizens have complained for no discernably valid reason whatsoever.

Budget fails to impress business

The business community has called the Federal Budget both 'economically appropriate' and 'disappointing'.

"It's just not what we were looking for," said an industry spokesperson.

"What business needs right now is more corporate welfare to defer the need for innovation."

Adani seals vital $100m contract in major milestone

premium_icon Adani seals vital $100m contract in major milestone

New $100 million deal to spark more protests

Annie Seaton's new book has Queensland vibe

premium_icon Annie Seaton's new book has Queensland vibe

'Semi-permanent' Whitsunday resident brings out new book.

'Coming home': Whitsunday business opens office in Bowen

premium_icon 'Coming home': Whitsunday business opens office in Bowen

This businessman is returning to his roots by opening a new office.