A photo from Bridget’s Instagram page. Pic: Instagram
A photo from Bridget’s Instagram page. Pic: Instagram

Sex tryst woman: ‘It wasn’t classy’

THE woman at the centre of a sex scandal involving New Zealand rugby star Aaron Smith has accused him of lying and claimed the punishment he copped was too lenient.

Speaking to the NZ Herald, Bridget - a 29-year-old lawyer, athlete and former model who asked not to have her surname used - said Smith still needs to "take responsibility".

"I never wanted him to get into trouble, I just wanted him to tell the truth," she said.

The pair had sex in a disabled toilet at Christchurch Airport in October 2016, amid a two-year-long affair. They were sprung when a couple overheard their, ahem, activities and wrote to a newspaper.

The All Blacks responded by suspending Smith for one game, and he tearfully apologised to his girlfriend Teagan Voykovich at a press conference.

"I've made a huge mistake, a huge error in judgment, I'd firstly like to say a huge sorry to my partner Teagan, her family, my family," Smith said at the time.

"My behaviour was unacceptable and if you could respect me and my partner in this situation. I'm just trying to get home to deal with this."

Bridget. Pic: Instagram
Bridget. Pic: Instagram

Bridget told the NZ Herald she had genuine feelings for Smith at the time of their toilet tryst, but was now trying to move on with her "absolutely supportive" new boyfriend. She also told her mother the "whole story", which was understandably awkward.

Aaron Smith. Pic: Getty
Aaron Smith. Pic: Getty

"To be honest, I still had feelings for him at that stage. When you really like someone you do things to make them happy - I guess you let your guard down a bit," she said.

"Mum was disappointed it happened in a bathroom, she felt it wasn't classy. I went through hell last year with all the lies ... which had horrendous consequences for me. I am happy this is out in the open for now - I'd rather be hated for telling the truth."

Aaron Smith. Pic: AFP
Aaron Smith. Pic: AFP

Smith copped further punishment in the form of a written warning in August when it emerged he had lied about the incident. The evidence? Text messages between Smith and Bridget that contradicted the story he had told New Zealand Rugby.

"What I have said is u message me, to come for a chat. I came for a chat, nothing happened in there. I said I got all flustered and left OK," he allegedly wrote, according to The Daily Telegraph.

"But if anyone ask you something, please say that. Only my coach been hit up ... I'm hoping nothing goes to media OK. Please stick with this, I'm hoping u won't get brought up OK.

"OK are you will to do a sawn afterdavided (sworn affidavit) to say we didn't have sex in there?

"If you swear that we didn't have sex then nothing may come out in media and will save me heaps Hun."

Bridget told the NZ Herald it was actually her friend who released the text messages.

"It's unfortunate that he had to be exposed that way but I needed people to believe me," she said.

Smith is currently on tour with the All Blacks, and appears to be facing no further consequences.

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