Court hears woman was allegedly chopped up with a machete

A WOMAN charged with killing Tia Landers allegedly told an undercover cop "We carved her up, we chopped her up with a machete."

The final violent hours of Ms Landers's life were revealed in Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday.

De facto couple John Edward Harris, 44, and Linda Eileen Appleton, 42, have pleaded not guilty to murdering the 28-year-old mother of four whose body was found in a shallow grave in Beerburrum State Forest near the Glass House Mountains in July of 2014.

Ms Appleton and Mr Harris have pleaded guilty to interfering with a corpse and guilty to depriving alleged witnesses Jake McKenzie, 24, and Ryan Morgan, 21, of their liberty on June 16, 2014, at Brighton.

Sporting a cut nose and bruised eye, Mr Harris sat two seats away from his partner as the jury was sworn in and the prosecution outlined its case before Justice Jean Dalton.

Crown prosecutor Phil McCarthy told the jury that Ms Landers's body had more than 30 injuries including two bullet wounds to her head, extensive cuts and bruising and marks consistent with attempted asphyxiation.

A piece of chewing gum allegedly containing Mr Harris's DNA was found near the grave, he said.

Mr McCarthy said the former Ipswich woman was allegedly murdered because she "stole" jewellery from the defendants while Ms Appleton was in prison on an unrelated matter.

"Look on a personal level, it's not even about the gold as such, it's just about the few pieces my kids gave me," Ms Appleton was recorded by the prison telling Mr Harris not long before Ms Landers's death.

"I'm going .... to smash her f**king face to smithereens."

The court heard that Mr McKenzie and Mr Morgan witnessed Ms Landers's alleged murder after they and the victim went to the defendants' Brighton home on June 16, 2014.

Mr Morgan waited in the car while Ms Landers and Mr McKenzie went inside.

A short while later, Ms Appleton, carrying a machete, came to the car and told Mr Morgan to go into the house.

"When Mr Morgan first entered the home he saw that there was blood all over the room," Mr McCarthy told the jury.

"John Harris was standing over Tia who was down on her hands and she was bloody on the floor."

Mr McCarthy said the defendants told Mr Morgan he would be "safe" and made him sit on a couch. Mr McKenzie was on another couch with his hands and mouth taped.

"Ms Appleton came over to tape Mr Morgan but Mr Morgan protested that he was claustrophobic and terrified of being taped, particularly around the mouth area," Mr McCarthy said.

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