Your questions answered on Whitsunday Times changes

Whitsunday Times Unlimited frequently asked questions.

What is changing?

Whitsunday Times is moving to a premium paywall model, where some stories will only be able to be accessed by subscribers.

Will all articles be premium?

No, the community will still have access to vital information, such as weather warnings, road closures, missing children reports and other reports where public safety may be at risk. Some other local stories will also be unlocked.

Why the change?

We're asking you to help fund our journalism. This is local information that matters, and without our team of reporters on the ground, government and other organisations would be able to work in virtual secrecy, without proper checks and balances.

What's the biggest difference I will notice?

Increasing numbers of stories will have a big PLUS symbol in front of them. This is subscriber only content, it reinforces the value of your subscription by providing you with exclusive content.


What do I get as a subscriber?

You will have unlimited access to all the stories on our website, as well as other News Corp sites including The Courier-Mail, The Daily Telegraph and Herald-Sun.

Not only will you have access to the best journalism in the country but there are plenty of rewards on offer through The Courier-Mail's +Rewards program. You can find out more about that here.

You can also access the hugely popular SuperCoach football fans program. More details on that here.

Do you have your own app?

Yes, you can download our app from the Apple App Store for iPhone users or Google Play for those with Android devices. Just search for Whitsunday Times.

What else does a subscription give me?

Being a subscriber, you will be given regular newsletters on email as well as sent breaking news alerts on big local, national and international stories.

You will also have unrestricted digital access to The Courier-Mail and other News Corp products like The Herald-Sun and Daily Telegraph.

How do I sign up?
You can subscribe at or phone us on 1300 361 604 

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