June 2017

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WE paid registration for our bicycles throughout my childhood.

Why cycle registration is a bad idea

"Hi ReganH. I grew up in South Africa and we definitely had an annual bicycle registration fee. You..."

October 2016

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THANKS to pupil-free day, hubby had to take a day's unpaid leave.

SOAP BOX: What's the need for Pupil-Free Day?

"sconage, my comments are 100% directed at the government and NOT at the teachers who, as I said, do a..."

September 2016

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LITTERING is terrible, but walking past other people's litter is also wrong.

REVEALED: The Coast Councillor who picks up others rubbish

"Frankie, I think you have totally missed the point. He didn't stand in front of a camera and hail..."

May 2016

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APTITUDE testing is one thing, but the Naplan process which Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 students across Australia are going to be subjected to tomorrow is plain dumb

MY SAY: Naplan is dumb. Not students.

"You can't "learn" for Naplan, Progress. Only practice."

March 2016

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HORRIFIC images of tiny, fluffy chickens being forced down a metallic funnel appeared on my Facebook page the other day.

MY SAY: Serious food for thought in sharing cruelty clips

"Thanks Brackenboy, the vegan diet is far more restrictive than a vegetarian one. "

February 2016

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PLANS to bring Hollywood to the Sunshine Coast will proceed slowly.

COUNCIL MEETING LIVE: One small step for film industry

"Hi JJonesy, for a council ordinary meeting, it was pretty large. Gallery is virtually empty now as..."

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CARDINAL George Pell, you owe Australian Catholics the duty of returning to your country to face the child abuse royal commission in person.

MY SAY: Catholics deserve to get answers from the church

"Norton750 - I don't think it is a "faith" that protects pedophiles, but people "

October 2015

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HE HASN'T just put the fear into every parent when it comes to letting their children catch a bus, he has also tarnished the camping and caravanning experience.

OPINION: Daniel Morcombe's killer has taken enough from us

"How can you say that? The Morcombes lost a child, for years they had no idea where he was and what was..."

September 2015

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I FELT the chains surround me the moment we signed the contract to buy our home.

Time to chuck in the ‘dream’ and go bush

"Kiwi ay. I'm not sure what caravan you are looking at buying, but the pop tops we are looking at cost..."

July 2015

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I SUPPORT sex education, but we need to be very clear about what sex education is.

OPINION: There needs to be more to sex education than sex

"Ha, ha Johnx74 - who knows, maybe he was the poor bloke on the beach way back when.... (except it was..."

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