August 2016

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'The most terrifying aspect of the ABC's Four Corners' disclosure of institutionalised torture of children in detention is its acceptance by the State.'

OPINION: Terror worst when it comes via Govt's hand

"We make up 3% of the population only, we receive 2.7% of the welfare funding, all scholarship funding..."

February 2016

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THREE of the seven bull sharks filmed in Twin  Waters' canals have already been caught by fisherman and mayor suggests proposal for fishing comp to catch more.

Mayor proposes fishing comp to catch Twin Waters' sharks

"The mayor reads Jason opray's facebook because local surf charger Matt Dobell suggested that as the 3rd..."

January 2016

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NOW that the jingoistic and often ignorant patriotism of our last-gasp post-Christmas celebration is out of the way, can Australia finally grasp reality?

MY SAY: Wrong day, wrong flag and a long way still to go

"A reply of actual facts to your bigoted vitriol First Nation people brokered an agreement on port..."

October 2015

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WORLD Rugby admits referee Craig Joubert made wrong call in Australia-Scotland match.

Confirmed: Wallabies won against Scotland on wrong call

"That should make the northern hemisphere feel better about having no representatives in the WC semis"

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AS A local resident and frequent climber of Mt Coolum, one must conclude that since the track upgrade the park has become a victim of its own success.

LETTER: Authorities should step up to Mt Coolum situation

"Hey Donald don't give Newman the credit it was a labor initative"

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September 2015

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