Single? It’s a date

Story Published: 16 Apr 2016

IF YOU are one of the millions of Australian adults who are single, separated, divorced, or widowed, I have good news for...

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At risk of morphing into your partner? Time apart can cure

Story Published: 25 Jul 2015

WE all know those couples whose conversation, mannerisms and even clothes start to spookily mirror one another’s.

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How to speak and understand the language of lasting love

Story Published: 26 Oct 2013

MAN ABOUT TOWN: In order to have a healthy romantic life, it helps to know our love language, and our...

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The don'ts of dating men

Story Published: 21 Mar 2013

STYLE'S newest columnist James Smith shares with us his inside knowledge of men's minds in the dating scene.

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Couple's secret is out

Story Published: 5 Mar 2012

THE secret to Les and Marion Retschlag's 50-year marriage is laughter.

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Reality check for relationships

Story Published: 3 Mar 2012

NOW that the most romantic day of the year has passed, you need to face crunch time and ask: is your relationship really as...

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Writer courting romance

Story Published: 13 Feb 2012

ANNA Campbell spends her days writing 19th Century romance novels, so she knows a thing or two about matters of the...

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Clock is ticking for Valentine's Day

Story Published: 10 Feb 2012

ROMANTICS have less than a week to find the perfect gift to woo their sweetheart this Valentine's Day.

Dating Dating Advice Valentine'S Day

Be attractive by being yourself

Story Published: 10 Feb 2012

GRUMPY faces won't get dates on Valentine's Day.

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When do nice guys get a break?

Story Published: 22 Nov 2011

JAMES Wragg, 27, has been an active member of several dating sites, including Plenty of Fish and Oasis-Active, for seven...

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